Author April Love

“Unless the LORD had been my help, my soul had almost dwelt in silence.”
~Psalm 94:17 KJV

April and Gracie
Author April Love with her service dog, Gracie Photo by Jose Carreon

My soul had almost dwelt in silence, but God gave me a voice. When my soul was almost silenced due to abuse, kidnapping, and rape, He gave me strength to speak. When my soul was almost silenced due to autism, He gave me the written word so that I could truly communicate. He has blessed me in ways unimaginable, and it is my hope that I can, in turn, bless others by sharing who I am and the life I have lived.

My first book, “Secrets of a City Bench”, is Christian fiction which deals with the realities of abuse and rape. Although not my story, I wrote it so that survivors could identify and know they are not alone. I also wrote it so that loved ones of survivors could glimpse into the mind of a survivor and better understand what they are going through.

My second book, “Gift of the Morning”, is Christian fantasy/allegory, but it’s really about autism. It is a fictional account of what it has been like for me as I try to live in two different worlds at the same time, the world around me and the world inside me.

In addition to my two books, I also write poetry and prose.

This, however, is just one part of who I am. I am first and foremost a Christian. All that I am is due to my Savior Jesus Christ.

I also oil paint, reclaiming the art that I lost after the kidnapping at age 19.

And as ironic as it may seem, I am also a public speaker. At times, God lifts the veil of autism and lets me speak about my life to glorify Him and to comfort others who are dealing with pain.

My soul is not silent. My Savior has given me a voice.

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