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Gift of the Morning by April LoveGift of the Morning

Cradled by the morning mist, the Father discovers a rare and precious treasure, but the babe is already dead. Breathing life back into her lungs, he names her Aurora, for she is a gift of the morning, and nourishes her with the healing water from the spring of life. Though alive, she spends the first thirteen years of her life fighting the dark sleep threatening to consume her.

But not even the dark sleep can extinguish the light of love, and Aurora awakens in her Father’s house. She remembers nothing save the cold of darkness, a black sea crashing its waves about her, threatening to swallow her in its depths, but it is love that buries the dark sleep deeper and deeper until it is nothing but a tiny speck in a sea of light.

Though the dark sleep is buried, it cannot be vanquished, for it is indeed a part of her. After three years serving the Father behind enemy lines, Aurora is lured by the darkness. Seeking to discover the truth of her beginnings, she sets off in search of herself in the isolated kingdom of her nativity.

But some truths are best left unknown.

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Secrets of a City Bench by April LoveSecrets of a City Bench

Working the streets alone, Angie tries to outwit the local pimps and cops. Somehow she has to stay alive, but she doesn’t even know why she wants to live. A chance encounter brings hope though, as Sam slowly breaks through the barriers she has placed to her soul and teaches her how to trust and love as they meet at a city bench every week. But this is no fairy tale. Even after Angie leaves the world of prostitution, she finds that life is a battle as she tries to untangle the web of her past and deal with the traumas that brought her to the streets in the first place. Walk with Angie and see through her eyes as she learns to live instead of just survive.

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